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A bride needs to select a wedding dress three to five months in advance to avoid getting disappointed. A person should consider a number of factors when purchasing Samoan wedding dresses such as the prices, a person's body type and type of wedding.

How Samoans prepare fabrics for wedding gowns:

Brides from Samoa make their traditional wedding gowns using tapa cloth, which they obtain from the barks of mulberries. Some Samoan brides may make their wedding gowns out of 'siapo', which is a cloth they make out of hardwood barks; this fabric is important especially during wedding ceremonies where the culture demands that the bride should put on a wedding dress made of this fabric.

bridal gown storeWhen presenting gifts to a married couple, village maidens and high chiefs also wear the 'siapo' cloth. There are also modern wedding gowns made out of silk fabrics but have Samoan designs and patterns.

How to obtain a Samoan wedding dress online:

A person can rent or purchase a modern Samoan wedding gown via the internet by Blogging onto websites that sell them to get recommendations on where to obtain fair-prices Samoan wedding dresses.

Online stores in teuila that sell or rent out Samoan wedding gowns normally have visual images of the dresses that are available. Many online stores offer extra services such as transporting the wedding dresses to their customers while some offer discounts to customers who purchase a certain number of items from their stores.

online bridal storesSelecting a Samoan wedding gown color and pattern:

Samoan wedding dresses normally have patterns on them, which make the dresses more beautiful. A person has the option of selecting black, brown, cream or white background colors for their wedding dresses.

Traditional Samoan wedding gowns are colorful because they use barks to make them; a person can select a white wedding dress that has light brown patterns on them thus making the attire unique and attractive. Professional siapo makers in Polynesia decorate the wedding gowns a day or two before the wedding ceremony.

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