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Men have a lot to wear on their special day. Even more then their loved ones. Let's take a look at them and notice which one of them might be the best for our own wedding. These are not only regular suits.

Suits are the most popular of men outfits. They are probably best for the men that want to look classy. Examples we can find in light beige or sparkling white.

Frock coats are bringing to the future times when men were very classy and always wear such fashionable outfits - not only for special evening occasions but everyday. Frock coats look better on men that aren't too high and too big. Jackets of frock coats are a bit longer than the one of the wedding suits but the materials that they are made of might be similar.

Tuxedos look excellent on bodies that are solid and not too thin. The ceremonial character of this outfit is accented by the satin clacks and striped pants. We have to remember that the best color for this kind of outfit is black. And it is rather wearable at night than at days, so it would be better for a late evening wedding.

Tailcoat is nowadays a little bit forgotten, only connected in our mind with conductors at the concerts that they are leading. Very characteristic is the back part of the jacket and its flabs - that are longer and in look similar to a bird, a bird from whom it has a different name - a swallow. It's a bit similar to frock coat in its black color and the stripped-pants.

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